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ADDRESS: Colley Lane, Cradley

GPS Location:  N 52.4688104  W -2.08613021


   War Memorial


Cradley got its war memorial nine years, two months and seventeen days after the end of WW1.

   The base and shaft are made of Portland stone and the name tablets are marble. The whole is mounted on circular steps of York stone. The design by Mr. Stanley Griffiths was accepted in 1920 but difficulties held up the actual building until 1927.The stone mason was Mr. C. R. Davies and Mr. J. M. Tate carried out the building of the cenotaph; the final cost being £457 15s 2d.

   A war memorial was first discussed at the Cradley Parish Council meeting on Tuesday February 18th 1919 and this was reported in the February 22nd edition of the County Express.

   Monday, January 3rd 1921 saw the War Memorial Committee decide to draw up a circular with an illustration of the proposed memorial and an appeal for subscriptions. There was a fairly widespread feeling in the parish that the scheme should incorporate the addition of a recreation ground and public hall.

   On November 22nd 1927 the Cradley War Memorial Committee reported that the war memorial band stand had been erected on the Recreation Ground at Homer Hill and the war memorial stone plinth was ready in the open space in High Street.

   December 20th saw the War Memorial Committee announce that Viscount Cobham had agreed to declare the bandstand open and to unveil the war memorial at 3.00 p.m. on Saturday, January 28th 1928. 1,000 copies of a souvenir programme, containing a picture of the cenotaph and the names of 105 men that fell in the war were printed and sold at 2d. each.

   Two weeks before the unveiling the Rev. W. S. Cooper appealed through the pages of the County Express for the Cradley people to submit the names of any bona fide Cradley man who they thought should be added to those already accepted. A Roll of Honour of 105 names was then printed.

Heavy rain fall on January 28th 1928 caused the proposed format to be changed. 


War Memorial Names

War Memorial - Audio Commentary

James Sidney Jones

Walter Jones

Joseph Kirton

Alfred Heath

Daniel Heath

Philip Heath

William Heath

Frederick Hill

Bert Homer

John Homer

William Homer

Walter Henry Homer

John Hughes

Alfred Jackson

Albert Kirton

John Knowles

William Edwin Knowles

Percy Leonard

Joseph Mantle

Harry Morton

Albert Philips Oliver

Ernest Page

Sidney Parry

Lawson Attwood

George Bagley

Albert Henry Barnsley

Walter James Belcher

Arthur Billingham

Joseph Billingham

Bert Woodhouse Bills

Caleb Bills

Edwin Bloomer

Joseph Boxley

John Thomas Bridgewater

George Brookes

Henry Brookes

Bert Burgess

Thomas Burgess

Alfred James Butterworth

William Byng

William Carradine

Solomon Cartwright

Horace Case

Ernest Clarke

James Henry Clarke

Percy Cole

Henry Cook

George Edward Corfield

Frederick Clifford Cooper

Joseph Crampton

Joseph Davies

William Alfred Davies

Frederick Dukes

Harry Dunn

Thomas Eden

Alfred Edmonds

Bert Ferraby

Benjamin Fowkes

Charles William Fowkes

William Henry Fowkes

James Ernest Foxall

Edwin Grazier

Charles Dennis Green

Tom Green

Joseph Harrison

William Harris

Vernon Harris

William Hay

John Head

Joseph Josiah Parsons

Reuben Parsons

Tidal Parsons

Joseph Pearce

William Pearshouse

Joseph Plant

Ishmael Rawlins

Thomas Raybould

George Sidaway

Stafford Sidaway

James Southall

Wilfred Ernest Smith

Walter Reece,

David Reynolds

Walter Robinson

Harry Russell

George Frederick Roper

Horace Edward Roper

Joseph Henry Savage

William Henry Savage

Isaac Scott,

Joseph Stanley

James Stevens

Frederick Tate

Harry Taylor

John Edward Taylor

Joseph Taylor

Andrew Albert Thomas

Frederick Charles Timbrell

Joseph Tranter

Charles Tristram

Benjamin Tromans

George Tromans

John Henry Tromans

William Tromans

John Joseph Tyler

Benjamin Unitt

Herbert Wallace

Harry Weaver

John White

William Whitfield

Alfred Willetts

George Willetts

Henry Woodhouse

Herbert Percy Wallens

Harry Weaver

World War 1

World War 2

Bills J G

Bradney W H

Bridgewater T

Butler J

Carpenter V A G

Cartwright J

Cooke H

Cox  S

Cox C

Cox D

Davies W H

Gilliam H

Granger G T

Grazier W

Heath W

Hoarse A

Kirton S

Littlewood J S J

Millward G

Moore A

Moreton A F

Neale T H

North H

North W

Oakley B J

Owen F

Powell H

Priest A

Raybould B

Raybould C

Reece T

Robinson R

Rudge T

Sidaway L

Southwick D

Stevens B

Taylor A

Taylor V

Tromans J H

Turley S G

Watters F E

Weaver H

Willetts J

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