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What does it mean to be a christian?


On this page we offer you links to various places which can tell you more about what Christians believe and how those beliefs affect the way Christians live.

St Peter's, Cradley is one of thousands of Christian communities across England which are part of The Church of England. This is the established church of the country. These churches are also known as Anglican churches. The central Church of England website offers pages here which explain what it means to be a Christian and specifically what Anglican Christians believe.

If you would like to know more about the Christian faith from the very basics, The ReJesus site is very popular with new and more experienced Christians as it offers some really interesting and engaging information using images, quizzes and reflections.

There are many sites online and also mobile phone apps (Such as PrayerMate) which offer you resources to help you pray. The Sacred Space site offers a new reflection each day and is available in many different languages. The Church of England also offers a daily prayer which is available below.

The Bible Society offers wonderful resources for discovering more about the central texts of the Christian faith. This website helps you understand the origins of the Bible and how our English translations of the Bible came about and how we can get the most out of reading the Bible.

Check out the new CofE page called JustPray

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St Peter's churchyard adjoins Cradley War Memorial Gardens, Homer Hill Park and Cradley Cemetery.  The churchyard is set in 8 acres of green open space that offers a relatively quiet place in which to rest and reflect among surrounding trees, flowers and wild life

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